WINTER WALK, 20th January 2007, IN JÄRVENPÄÄ

Marjo and Pave with Rosie & Molly as well Mari with Speedy, Snow & Vito came on Saturday morning to our home where near by we made Saturday walk all togehter. It was pretty freezing (-10 celcius degrees) but we spent 2 hours in the forest where dogs were running free and scenting the game constantly. Cotton even decided to give mom home hearth beats by scenting too long time out from the sight. After long walk it was nice and cosy to stay together and discuss about the wonders of the world.

The Pack of Spice Twices, from left:
Flora, Funky, Rosie, Molly, Snow, Speedy

from left: Cotton, Flora, Funky, Rosie,
, Snow, Speedy, Vito

from left: Funky,Molly, Rosie,
Speedy, Vito , Snow

from left: Cotton, Flora, Funky,
Molly (tired), Rosie, Speedy, Vito,

from left: Funky,Molly & Mari & Speedy (Snow & Rosie behind)

from left: Molly (orange flying ears), Rosie , Funky's handsome bumb in front, Flora gaiting further right

Flora enjoying the winter

Molly kissing her uncle-Speedy

Speedy stoic, handsome himself

Flora coming in front, Speedy behind and Molly ' s rear shows behind

Ira's happiness is her Clumber children!
Cotton (front), from left: Funky,Molly, Rosie, Vito , Flora staying further behind