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Flora nearly 2 years old

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* 13th October 2001
28th February 2007

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Ira Sarlin

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28 February 2007

If Tomorrow Never ComesIra nad 3 weeks old Flora

There are no words to describe our tears and sorrow. Just in the morning Flora was wagging her tail and was giving her sweet kisses. I took her about 4 pm to vet because I felt she was abnormally sick to be pregnant. Some hours later she was diagnosed having sepsis. Vets were doing their everything, but about 8 pm Flora joined her mom Bunny to hunt heavenly birds. This feels untrue and I am not sure if I am awake or is this nightmare. Flora born on 13.10.2001 on our vet's Merja Dahlbom clinic and it was where she left us on 28.2.2007.

This is so unreal and I keep looking from where Flora will come and give her sweet kisses. I am not able rationally understand, how Flora was just in the morning quite normal herself and 12 hours after she is no longer with us. We left home for vet to see if everything is ok with her pregnancy and returned back home with Flora's collar and leash in my hands.

Flora enjoying winter day on 28th January 2007I held Flora in my hands and kissed her sweet nose when she took her first breath and I held her head while she took her last breath. After she was gone I was crying my tears in her neck and whispered her ear: "Thank You Flora for everything. You'll be my Princess number one always and hope You will be waiting for me on the Bridge."

Life seems so absurd and unfair. Just had very short time to be joyful and happy for having my dear baby Flora back with me again and then suddenly she is taken away. Please tell me this is nightmare and when I wake up Flora is here with us healthy and happy. This is terrible loss of much loved friend and soulmate.

Funky - who was always best friends with his favorite daughter Flora - is behaving very nervous and keeps going around. I know he understands Flora has left us. Last night Funky slept in Flora's place next to me and he was whining through the night occasionally. Cotton was nervously running around and was licking my falling tears.

We know Hanna and Tapsa are missing you dreadfully too.

Dear Flora have safe journey. Your beautiful memory will live forever in our souls!

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*** 27 March 2007

Flora postmortem report arrived today. Flora had pyometra which had caused purulent peritonitis and this again caused sepsis. The form of pyometra Flora had was very rare. There was no purulent effusion nor was any part of uterus riped. Normally pyometra without purulent effusion rips uterus and dog gets so sick and diagnosis can be done. Flora basically didn't have any symptoms of pyometra. She was well till Wednesday morning and then 8 pm she was no longer with us.

And the reason for this is: The bacter which was "isoleted" in necropsy was Klebsiella Pneumoniae. This is known to be very aggressive and basically antibiotics don't work against it. Learn it is typical for Klebsiella Pneumoniae to expand very rapidly and it may be letal within 12-24 hours.

It was a relief to learn there was very little to do about it as the infection furthered so aggressively. Another relief is to know this was nothing genetic.

Klebsiella infections are encountered far more often now than in the past. This is probably due to the bacterium's antibiotic resistance properties.

It has been too high price to learn about Klebsiella Pneumoniae.
Nothing will bring back my beautiful, much loved and sorely missed Flora

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9 June 2006

Helsinki, Finland
European Winner 2006 Show

-champion class1
- Best Bitch 2

Tamas Jakkel (Hungary)

18 December 2005

Nordic Winner Show 2005, International CACIB Show

- Excellent
- Champion Class 2
- res. CACIB
- Best Bitch 3

Patsy Hollings (UK)

17 December 2005

Finnish Winner 2005, International CACIB Show

- Good

Svend Lövenkäer, Denmark

16 October 2005

Finnish Spaniel Club's Annual Speciality, Hyvinkää

- champion class2.
- best bitch 3.

Alie Bennink-Smies, kennel Martal
(the Netherlands)

11 December 2004

Swedish Winner 2004 Show

- Excellent
- Champion Class 3.
- Best Bitch 3.

Per Iversen (Norway)

4 December 2004

Finnish Winner 2004 Show

- Excellent
- ChampionClass 1.
- Best Bitch 1.
- Best of Opposite Sex


Kirsi Nieminen (Finland)

20 November 2004

Norwegian Winner 2004 Show,Hamar, Norway

- Excellent
- Working Class 1.
- Best Bitch 1.
- Best of Opposite Sex

Norwegian Champion

Norwegian Winner 2004

Guiseppe Alexandra (Italy)

6 November 2004

Nordic Winner Show, Herning Denmark

- satisfactory

uuups... .the Danish
judge didn't quite share the same view on the breed :-)

Mogens F Hansen (Denmark)

16 October 2004

Finnish Spaniel Club's Annual Speciality, Hyvinkää

- Excellent
- Champion Class 1.
- Best Bitch 2

Jo Schepers (Holland)

19 September 2004

Hyvinkää Show for FCI groups 1, 7 & 8

- Excellent
-Champion Class 1.
- Best Bitch
- Best of Breed

Lilian Hanniste (Estonia)

7 August 2004

Swedish Clumber Club's CLUB SHOW, Flottsbro69 clumbers entered

- Best in Champion class
- Best Bitch 4.
- 2. of Tracking Bitches

Frank Bjaerkund, Norway
(Kennel Westaway, formerly Kennel Inu-Goya)

25 July 2004

Helsinki All Breed Show

- Excellent
-Champion Class 1.
- Best Bitch
- Best of Breed

Paavo Mattila (Finland)

18 April 2004

Vaasa All Breed Show

- Excellent
-Champion Class 1.
- Best Bitch
- Best of Opposite Sex

Svein Helgesen (Norway)

13 December 2003

Nordic Winner Show, HUND 2003, Stockholm Sweden

Flora in the hotel room in Stockholm with her new rosettes.

- Open Class 1.
- reserve CACIB

Swedish Champion

Tarja Hovila (Finland)

18 October 2003

Finnish Spaniel Club's Annual Specialty

- Working Class 1.

Finnish Champion

Jukka Kuusisto (Finland)

2 August 2003

Swedish Clumber Club's CLUB SHOW, Örby75 clumbers entered

- Intermediate class 3.

Bill Ironside, UK
(Kennel Tavirosh & Belcrum)

27 July 2003

Mikkeli International (CACIB) Show

- Open Class 1.
- Best Bitch
- Best of Opposite Sex

Soile Bister (Finland)

5 July 2003

Finnish Clumber Club's CLUB SHOW, Vantaa

view pictures

- Best Bitch 3

Hans Lehtinen Finland

29 June 2003

Ulvila All Breed Show

- Working Class 1st
- Best of Opposite Sex

Charles Francis (Canada)

30 May 2003

World Winner Show 2003, Dortmund Germany

- Working Class 1st

Agnes Kanami-Kertes (Israel)

7 December 2002

Finnish Winner 2002 Show, Helsinki

- Junior class 1/1
- Best Bitch 2
- jFINW-02

Edd E Bivin (USA)

9 November 2002

Euro Dog 2002 Paris

- Junior Class Excellent / 1st

- Best Junior Bitch

Choay Bernard (France)

1 September  2002

Finnish Clumber Club's Club Show, Espoo

- Best Bitch 6

Kirsi Nieminen, Finland

3 August  2002

Swedish Clumber Club's CLUB SHOW, Västerås

- winner of Junior class Bitches
- Reserve Best in Show Junior
- Best Bitch 5

79 entires!

Michael McKay (UK, kennel Dockwray)

7 July 2002

World Winner Show 2002, Amsterdam

- best bitch puppy
- Best of Breed Puppy
- Best in Group Puppy
(was chosen among 4 in Best in Show Show puppy ring)

Luis Pinto Texeira (Portugal)

6 July 2002

Dutch Championship CLUB SHOW

- best bitch puppy
- Best in Show Puppy

Frances Stanley-McKay (UK, kennel Frastan)

30 June 2002

Forssa International Show

- Best bitch puppy
- Best of Breed Puppy

Frank Kane (UK)

19 May 2002

Helsinki Aptus Show

- Best bitch puppy
- Best of Breed Puppy

Hans Müller (Switzerland)

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10 August 2003


Open Class: 3rd prize (29/50 points)

Jouko Ahtiainen

8 June 2003

Vierumäki, Tracking Trial

Open Class: 2nd prize (32/50 points)

Timo Ginström

4 May 2003

Miehikkälä, Tracking Trial

Open Class: 1st prize (41/50 points) with Highest scores of the Open Class dogs.

Asko Kukkola

31 August 2002

Isnäs, Tracking Trial

Open Class: 2nd prize (31/50 points)

Tuula Pekkalin


10 August  2002

Elimäki, Spaniels Hunting Ability Test


Anitta Kauppila