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My first dog was English Setter Mistyway Whisky Tenor (5.3.1984 - 7.10.1994). I was just 13 years old when I started to show him. He did quite well in the shows every time there was "show lineage" judge in the ring. As "show lineage" setter Whisky wasn't used for field trials and he could never finish his Champion title even he had CACs & CACIBs.

Later I got permission to get a show dog for myself. The requirements - made by mom - were: small and tidy dog which is easy to get to show places... As I have always loved Gundogs for their tender and extrovert temperaments and beautiful looks, it was an easy way to Spaniels. I met a Clumber Spaniel (Welladays Wild-West) for the first time in 1985 in dog show and felt right away in love with this stoic and teddy bear a like Spaniel. Well, Clumbers aren't exactly small nor are they really tidy either...This requirement I couldn't care less, I just knew I want to have a Clumber of my own.

In summer 1986 my first Clumber Spaniel arrived. He was "Kinkku" SF CH Million-Dollars Bartender (5.5.1986-7.4.1994). His dam Welladays Wild-Katt actually was the litter sister of Welladays Wild-West. I was showing "Kinkku" him quite successfully until all his front teeth strangely sunk into gum. Also, we did go for few times to tracking trials and had results with good scores. As Kinkku happened to be quite a man about the town, with great and lovable personality, I totally felt in love with the breed and knew this is "my breed".

After Graduating from High School (1991) I decided to leave to Greece, to Swiss University, to Study Business Communication & Economics. After graduating in December 1995 I returned back to Finland. I did do some post-graduate courses in University of Westminster (London, UK) in fall 1996. And returned permanently back to Finland in December 1996.

Anyhow, during all my being abroad, I have followed quite carefully what has happened in Clumbers all over the world. In 1997, I had opportunity to obtain some Clumber Spaniels I could consider breeding stock and start breeding the breed I have loved since been youngster.

Greatest thanks go for Ronnie Watt (Nonsuch Clumbers of South Africa) for allowing me have the dog love of my life Funky (Nonsuch Spyce Twyce). Funky has played important role in setting up Spice Twice breeding programme. Also would like to than Tiina Kankkonen for trusting Chelsea (Mina's White Chelsea) to me. My ever so knowledgeable mentor in whelping and puppy care Sirpa Luoto-Nykänen deserve enormous thanks for all of her help and advices in my breedings.

Basically since 1986 I haven't thought of having any another breed at home than Clumbers, except the other one :-) sometimes referred as BLD [brown little dog]. This type of interest has developed since I met BLD called Sensation van de Volmolen in Amsterdam Winner 2000 show in the Netherlands. In 2011 was blessed to adopt Sussex girl TIANA (Decoventrie Sebastiana o Castle - Australia/USA) in our lives, but sadly lost her far too early. In Janury 2015 Carly (Daarbjerg's Klara) was born in Denmark and when she was 8 weeks old she moved to our home.

Haven't owned any other breeds than Clumber Spaniels and the two Sussex Spaniels since the year 1986 I got my first own dog.


Presently we have four Clumber girls  Tinka & Stilo & Mila & Pipsa . We are living in Voolahti (Porvoo) ca 65km East Coast from the centre of the capital city Helsinki. All our dogs are living as family pets and have free access all over our house. They all sleep in our bedroom in their own doggy beds.  Our home is locating in beautiful Porvoo archipelago. We have 1,5 hectate property which is fully accessible for our dogs. The vast acrhipelago forest starts from our property.  Our kids are enjoying at least once a day ca 1,5 -2 hrs forest walk where they excersise without leashes. All of our dogs are getting breed typical activities (such as: flushing, retrieving, game tracking) regularly. We are living just 200 meters from the sea, where we have our own shareshore, so during the warm months our kids can enjoy swimming and water retrieving. In winter months we bring the kids to dog spa to swim.
During the summer months we are spending lots of time - weekends and holidays - on the sea with our yacht. Dogs of course are joining always the sea life too.

Dogs living in our home are staying here with us for their whole life. We don't replace older dogs with the youger ones, nor our dogs change homes for the periods of times. Our dogs are family and our home is their home.

The Finnish Kennel Club's inspector's report of Spice Twice kennel facilities can be viewed (in finnish) here.

Rest of my dogs are living in co-owner families and live as house pets.

Thoroughout the years I have been putting lots of effort in building Clumber population in Finlnad with genetic variance. I am the most long time breeder in Finland and see every Spice Twice Clumber Spaniel littter in Finnish Kennel Club database . Have imported Clumber Spaniels from the Netherlands, South Africa, Australia, USA (6 imports) as well as from the Czech Republic, Russia and Poland. Spice Twice puppies have been exported to several countries. Most of these exports have gone for the active Clumber people and breeders.

Beside some lovely moments in the domestic and international show rings I can be proud of my Clumbers' achievements on the working trials. I strongly support Spaniels Hunting Ability Test as a requirement for the CH titles. Spice Twice kids merited on working trials can be viewed here.

The Finnish Kennel Club awared Spice Twice breeding programme in 2013 with Vuolasvirta Prize, which is the highest recognition from the Kennel Club for meritious breeding.

Sukoka (The Finnish Dog Breeder Association) awared Spice Twice breeding programme in 2016 Sukoka's Breeding Prize for the meritious breeding programme.

I was invited by CSCA (Clumber Spaniel Club of America) to judge Nationals 2015 Sweeptakes in Pottsboro, Texas.  It was great honour and experience. Enjoyed seeing many lovely specimen.

In 2017 CSCA (Clumber Spaniel Club of America) called me being one of the 5 breeders in the panel diiscussion in the International Clumber Symposium in Wilmington, Ohio.

In 2019 CSCA (Clumber Spaniel Club of America) invited me to judge Top 10 Clumbers Gala shpw, together with all rounder judge and professional handler in Sandforn, North Carlona.

I have been the treasurer of the Clumber Spaniel Club of Finland 1998-2001. During the years 2001-2003 I was elected as President of Clumber Spaniel Club Of Finland. My goal as the head of the Club was to extend the Clumber knowledge in Finland and allow open flow of information. Between 1.1.2001-31.12.2003 I have been the board member of Spaniel Club of Finland.

1.1.2024 -> I am board member of the Finnish Clumber- and Sussex Spaniel Club.

My aim is to breed, with deference to the adopted breed standard, physically and mentally sound Clumber Spaniels. Each mating is carefully planned, and each mating has an important role in my longterm plan of taking this lovely breed further forward in Finland. All Spice Twice puppies are raised in a home environment and are exposed to plenty of human interaction. Each puppy is also introduced to hunting before they leave here. I believe this protocol will provide a good foundation for each puppy's further development.

I am the member of (in 2023):

Funky (Nonsuch Spyce Twyce) &
Bunny (Clussexx Ms Coffee Talk) & Tuuba (Alderforest Bossa Nova)
& Ira in December 2000

Ira with 3 weeks old Flora (Spice Twice Clockwise) in November 2001

Funky & Cotton at home, in
November 2006

Carly & I in pheasant hunting

Spice Twice kids enjoying the archipelago and the sea

Judging in CSCA Nationals 2015 Sweeptakes in Pottsboro Texas

Judging in CSCA Nationals 2015 Sweeptakes Pottsboro Texas

Being one of 5 breeders in the panel discussion in the International Clumber Symposium in Wilmington, Ohio 2017


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In March 2019 I had great honour to judge USA's Top 10 Clumber Gala with 2 other judges. It was memorable event and those top 10 Clumbers were beautiful.

Spice Twice kids's sealife

TINKA (Spice Twice Zooropa, 11,5 months old) going European Junior Winner 2016