Karlux Doris Day X Welladays Wall Street
3 weeks old
born on 12 August 2006 (2 males + 3 bitches)

Babies are yet too young for posing photos - hope at 4 weeks we'll be providing some photos where it is possible to see better how each puppy is. The Viking babies are very busy and agile puppies. Their favourite play is to tease 12 days older Holy-puppies who are more hedonist type fellows.
BOY "Hakon" - 3weeks old
Spice Twice Viking Hakon

Hakon is developing towards into big personality and this pic may show it :-)

Hakon learns also ballet whenever has time between the meals and naps


BOY "Finn" - 3 weeks old
Spice Twice Viking Finn

Finn is known as the Hoover.
He loves hoovering anykind of food a lot and fast.

GIRL "Vigdis"(purple dot)- 3 weeks old
Spice Twice Viking Vigdis

Vigdis is the stubborn kid of the litter - she knows exactly what she wants. She knows very well how to express her needs.


GIRL "Dotta" (blue dot) - 3 weeks old
Spice Twice Viking Dotta

Dotta is very curious girl; often willing
to join older Holy-puppies in many kind of adventures around the house.

GIRL "Signy" (pink dot) - 3weeks old
Spice Twice Viking Signy

Signy is at the moment smallest of the group, but definately busiest....She is already there when others start to wonder where to go next.