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Current litter
Spice Twice Snow-litter
6 boys + 2 girls
born 9 February 2008


Multiple Best in Show Winner, INT & NORD & FIN & DK & N & S & PL & EST CH, WW-06, EUW-07, EUW-06,SW-08, FINW-06, FINW-04, PLW-06, PZW-06, ESTW-05, BALTW-06
Spice Twice Athos

hips: C-D, elbow: 0-0, patella: 0-0,eyes: 0, PDP1: clear

2 x Tracking Trial (MEJÄ) Open Class (AVO) 1st Prize
2 x Tracking Trial (MEJÄ) Winner Class (VOI) 1st Prize
Spaniel Hunting Ability Test Approved

Snow 26 months old


FIN CH, FINW-06, jFINW-06, jESTW-07
ShoGun's Spice Twice Cottontail

hips: A-A, elbows: 0-2, patella 0-0, eyes:0, PDP1: clear

Spaniel Hunting Ability Test Approved

Cotton 20 months old


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Videoclips of the Snow-pups
updated 1 April 2008


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