1. Judge checking Flora in the morning before the test starts

2.Clumbers often draw the attention
of more judges...

3. Flora getting ready for the shooting test

4. Shooting. Dogs are tested not being afraid of shotgun shooting before the actual tracking trial starts

5. Judge has arrived and Flora is ready to start her track

6. Getting into start of the track number five

7. Keanu working on track

7. Dog should work 6 meter ahead (Keanu in picture)

8. The completed work!! Flora tracked well and found the game at the end of the track

9. Dog's behaviour at the end of the track is evaluated thus the 6m between the dog and the instructor is required (Flora in picture)

10. Flora has all the right to be VPC (Very Proud Clumber) of her prey

11. Speedy, Mari and the judge returning from their track

12. It has been a long day. Speedy and Mari are waiting to hear the results of the day.

12. While waiting the results, there is also time to cuddle (Flora & Ira)