Papa-Funky (left) with his kids Snow (middle) & Do (right), October 2004

Do (front), Keanu (middle) & Rosie (behind), February 2004

Snow racing Rosie (front) & Do (behind), February 2004

The men (Funky sitting & Keanu standing) February 2004

The father & the daughter (Funky & Flora), February 2004

What's going on over there? (Keanu front & Flora behind), February 2004

Spice Twice Clumbers on the day walk, February 2004

Rosie (left) & Keanu playing, February 2004

Snow racing (Rosie in front), February 2004

Rosie (front) & Do (behind), February 2004

The sweet couple.
Keanu (left) & Flora (right) - December 2003

Spice Twice gang on November 2003 (left back: Flora, middle: Rosie, front: Keanu, Do: on the right)

Do (first) and Flora (behind) are best friends (September 2003)

Do (left) and Rosie (right) on the morning walk (October 2003)

Spice Twice gang in Tammisaari archipelago, July 2003

Spice Twice gang in Tammisaari archipelago, July 2003

Spice Twice gang having fun all together:
Rosie (right)
Flora (lying down)
Funky (left, docked tail)
Keanu (behind Flora)

Keanu and Flora playing:
Keanu (left)
Flora (from the rear)

Funky (front), Do and Ira enjoying summer day (July 2003)

Speedy retrieving dummy

Two ladies Rosie (front) and Flora enjoying the summer day at home.

Speedy going to catch the dummy

left to right: Funky, Keanu and Rosie

Happiness is another Clumber!
Keanu (front) and Rosie (back) often choose to sleep in the same bed.

Keanu (right) and Rosie (left) also go together outdoors.

The father and the daughter
ST Radiant Rosemary (left) and
Nonsuch Spyce Twyce (Funky)

Funky, Flora & Shaula
(front, middle, back)

The sisters:
ST Radiant Rosemary (left) and
Spice Twice Lalande (right)

Speedy (right) and Keanu prefer the same dummy

On the beach (left: Funky 4 months, right: Tuuba)

Rosie (St Radiant Rosemary) leads the way Flora (ST Clockwise) follows, April 2003

Speedy (ST Ginger Finger) getting pretty, March 2003

Summerday in Tammisaari (left: Funky,right: Tuuba)

Speedy the chauffeur