FINNISH CLUMBER CLUB SHOW - 12 August 2001 in Rymättylä
Judge: Marie-Louise Almgren (kennel Welladays), 15 entries

Best Dog 1/BIS2
FIN & EST & S & PT CH, EUW-00, FINW-00 BALTW-00, PLW-00, PZSG-00 Nonsuch Spyce Twyce
Best Dog 2 FINJW-00 Karlux Pole Star (Welladays Whitbread x Winsome Ice Queen)
(no other males were placed in the best dog ring) Best Bitch1/BIS1 Karlux Private Dancer (Welladays Whitbread x Winsome Ice Queen)
Best Bitch 2 INT & FIN & EST CH Mina's White Amorina (Don's Blues Brother x Outlines Such A Mess)
Best Bitch 3 AM CH, FINW-00 Clussexx Ms Coffee Talk
Best Bitch 4 Mina's White Chelsea
(no other bitches were placed in the best bitch ring)

BIS puppy (< 6 months) Karlux Danny De Vito (Nonsuch Spyce Twyce X Winsome Ice Queen)
BIS2 puppy
(7-9 months) Spice Twice Ginger Finger
Puppies (< 6 months) / 1 Karlux Danny De Vito
Puppies (< 6months) / 2 Karlux Doris Day
Puppies (7-9 months) / 1 Spice Twice Ginger Finger
Puppies (7-9 months) / 2 Spice Twice Radiant Rosemary

Best Head:
Mina's White Chelsea
Best Brace:
Karlux Danny De Vito & Karlux Doris Day
The symphatetic Clumber in the ring: Clumppilan AnnamannaKindly remark, copying any photographs without permission violates the copyright. All the pictures have copy right of Spice Twice Clumber Spaniels (Photo: Katariina Anttila).

BIS (left) & BIS2 (right)

BIS (left) & BIS2 (right)

Best bitches :
from left to right =>
bb1, bb4, bb3, bb2

Best bitch 3

Rosie 7 months
BOS pup 7-9 months