Clock-babies 3,5 weeks old
Elsa's owner Eeva visited us and believe it can be seen in her face what she thinks of the babies :-)

7 Dec 2007

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clocks_3,5weeks_a Omega_Eeva_a Omega_Eeva_b Omega_Eeva_c
clocks_3,5weeks_... Omega_Eeva_a.jpg Omega_Eeva_b.jpg Omega_Eeva_c.jpg
Omega_Eeva_d Omega_Eeva_e Omega_Eeva_f Omega_Eeva_g
Omega_Eeva_d.jpg Omega_Eeva_e.jpg Omega_Eeva_f.jpg Omega_Eeva_g.jpg
Omega_Eeva_h Omega_Eeva_i    
Omega_Eeva_h.jpg Omega_Eeva_i.jpg