Finnish Spaniel Club Annual Specialtiy 2007 Suomen Spanieliliiton Päänäyttely


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Finnish Spaniel Club's Annual Speciality 2007 was REALLY SUPER for Spice Twices.
Breed judge: Zeferino Silva, Portugal
BIS-puppy judge: Bob Jackson, England
BIS judge: Jose R Quillamon (Spain)

Bumbaa (Bumbaa Medvedi Smecka) went for Best of Breed Puppy and then Best in Show 2 Puppy!
Snow (ST Athos) went for Best of Breed and end to win Best in Show 1!
Vito (Nexus Spice Twice Vanguard) got CAC and he went for Best Dog 2
Valle (ST Viking Finn) got res.CAC and went for Best Dog 3.
Rocky (ST Vking Hakon) was best dog 4.
Windy (ST Viking Vigdis) took her first CAC and went for Best of Opposite Sex
Molly (ST Holy Moly) took res.CAC and went for Best Bitch 2

Bumbaa Bumbaa_b Bumbaa_BIS-2_Puppy Bumbaa_BIS-2_Puppy_c
Bumbaa.jpg Bumbaa_b.jpg Bumbaa_BIS-2_Pup... Bumbaa_BIS-2_Pup...
Bumbaa_BOB-Puppy Bumbaa_BOB-Puppy_b Bumbaa_BOB-Puppy_c Bumbaa_BOB-Puppy_d
Bumbaa_BOB-Puppy... Bumbaa_BOB-Puppy... Bumbaa_BOB-Puppy... Bumbaa_BOB-Puppy...
Bumbaa_BOB-Puppy_e Bumbaa_c Bumbaa_d Bumbaa_e
Bumbaa_BOB-Puppy... Bumbaa_c.jpg Bumbaa_d.jpg Bumbaa_e.jpg
Eetu_Bumbaa_Cotton Molly Molly_Windy Rocky
Eetu_Bumbaa_Cott... Molly.jpg Molly_Windy.jpg Rocky.jpg
Rocky_c Rocky_d Rocky_e Rocky_f
Rocky_c.jpg Rocky_d.jpg Rocky_e.jpg Rocky_f.jpg
Rocky_h Snow_BIS1 Snow_BIS1_b Snow_BOB
Rocky_h.jpg Snow_BIS1.jpg Snow_BIS1_b.jpg Snow_BOB.jpg
Snow_BOB_b Snow_BOB_d Team_SpiceTwice Valle
Snow_BOB_b.jpg Snow_BOB_d.jpg Team_SpiceTwice.jpg Valle.jpg
Valle_Rocky_Vito_Snow Windy Windy_b Windy_BOS
Valle_Rocky_Vito... Windy.jpg Windy_b.jpg Windy_BOS.jpg
Windy_BOS_b Windy_c Windy_d Windy_e
Windy_BOS_b.jpg Windy_c.jpg Windy_d.jpg Windy_e.jpg
Windy_f Windy_g Windy_h Vito_b
Windy_f.jpg Windy_g.jpg Windy_h.jpg Vito_b.jpg
Vito_c Vito_Snow_Mari_Katri    
Vito_c.jpg Vito_Snow_Mari_K...

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